The Board is responsible for all aspects of good governance including quality, finance, HR and capital developments. They appoint the CEO who provides a written report on key result areas at each meeting. The LACA Rules allow for a maximum of twelve members to be appointed to the Board for a period of three years resulting in an average of four vacancies each year. One must be a financial member of Lynden Aged Care Association Inc. to be eligible for Board membership. Board membership is voluntary with no remuneration being paid. Members can stand for reappointment as often as they wish.

Members of the Board

Back Row from left to right:  David Wells, Michael Mullins, Nino Rizio, Bob Morgan, Michael Murray. Front row:  Mike Pavey, Di Harrold, Terry Sullivan, Frank Leigh.

Michael Murray is Professor of Geriatrics at Austin Health and has been an active contributor to the Board since he joined in 1995. As Chairperson for many years Michael led the organisation through a period of significant change to the aged care industry and continues to add his valuable insights to every discussion.

Mike Pavey joined the Board in 2009 specifically to assist with the planned capital development.  Mike is a Quantity Surveyor and Construction Cost Consultant – he is the Chairperson of the Building Committee and is Deputy Chair of the Board.

Frank Leigh joined the Board in 1981 when his mother became a resident at Gaffney House.  He held the office of Secretary for many years and currently sits on the Investment Committee and the Building Committee.   Frank is a CPA who owned and operated a National Foodservice Company and a Supermarket Equipment Company.

Michael Mullins a former lawyer by profession has been on the Board since 2002.  Michael has been a member of Rotary for 27 years and enjoys the fact that Lynden is run to benefit the residents rather than purely for profit.

Robert Morgan joined the Board in 2011 when his father came to live at Lynden. Bob is a Company Director and is involved with businesses in Aviation Support, Hospitality and Property Development and is able to draw on this experience as a member of the Building Committee.  Bob is involved with a number of other organisations and is keen to see Lynden maintain its good features while moving the physical facilities to the next level.

Nino Rizio is a Civil Engineer and has been a member of the Board since 2009 when his mother came to live at Lynden.  Nino is a Director of the family business involved with retail landscaping, installing tiles, pavers and retaining walls and importing natural stones.  Nino is a member of the Building Committee and has been able to use his contacts to ensure that many of our costs are kept to a minimum.

Di Harrold joined the Board 1997 and is the current Chairperson.  Di is a Registered Nurse and has held positions in management, education and quality during her nursing career.  Di is a long term resident of Camberwell and is pleased to be able to contribute to the high standard of care that residents of Lynden receive.

Terry Sullivan is a General Practitioner and has been a member of the Board since 1997.  Terry is a long-time resident of Boroondara and is able to provide an opinion about many aged care matters based on her experience visiting other residential aged care facilities.

David Wells has over 30 years as a financial investment specialist, with senior management experience. With a personal interest in non-profit and community based organisations, he is happy to have been with Lynden since 2014, assisting mainly in the financial and investment areas.